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In just one hour we can boost your strategic plan to get it off the shelf, out of the weeds, and into something you might actually enjoy doing!



You know the 80/20 rule, that one where 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts? Fixing 20% of your issues = 80% return!


You've got history and you're emotionally attached. You need an outsider to tell you what you already know. See, you knew that ;) 


80%! Which hits harder a baseball or a softball? One is compact and spins faster, the other is bigger and spins slower. You want the fast ball.

Here's how it works

You're just three small steps away from a making a major improvement towards meeting your goals!

  1. After you register, you'll receive a self-assessment that will help me to evaluate how your strategic plan is doing before we've talked.
  2. You'll schedule your 1-hour call.
  3. At your scheduled day and time, we'll discuss where you're at now and how you can start making improvements today!
  4. After the call, I'll follow up by email to summarize and later see how things are going.

Strategy doesn't execute itself

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