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Transitioning from free-spirited youth to professional in an adult world is hard. The Role Model Way™ Emerging Leaders Society group coaching program will provide you with the support, encouragement, and practice you need for the journey.




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"Hearing Laura talk, I truly felt the importance of following our own dreams instead of someone else’s"

USF Business Student Testimonial

"Hearing Laura talk was a wake-up call for me, one that I will definitely be grateful for in the future."

USF Business Student Testimonial

Frequently Asked Questions

If the answer to your question isn't here contact us!

Our society is built on the Role Model Way™ ideology: Learning From role models, to Be role models, to Create role models. 

As individuals, The Role Model Way™ is a set of guiding principles that help us become better leaders, family members, and global citizens. 

For business, there is a framework for achieving excellence through role model business and leadership behavior. 

The Role Model Way™ Emerging Leaders Society prepares 16 - 24 year old's want to live a good life and do it their way. If you are a highly motivated student, recent grad, or young entrepreneur from any background who wants to make a positive impact in this world but isn't quite sure how you're going to do that, this program is for you! The recommended ages of participants is between 16 and 24.

This is an on-going membership program. Start and stop at any time. 

The Role Model Way™ Organizational Learning and Leadership Development System is based on core leadership concepts and best practices from Role Model businesses and leaders from all industries. The core concepts apply universally and are then applied in ways that make sense for your unique industry, business model, and values. 

I've never had any one request a refund for a service that I have provided and I don't expect that to start happening now. However, I understand your concern.

You may apply for a refund and cancel participation in the program in the first 7 days of the program start. To request a refund after that, you must show that you attempted to take in the content and do the work or prove extenuating circumstances. 

The first module of the online course contains all the welcome material including information about choosing your welcome item of choice! All the items are from an eco-friendly source and meant to be something you can use, not just put on a shelf or toss. 

You can also opt to donate your swag cost, and we'll be sure it gets to The World Wildlife Fund, our currently highlighted nonprofit.

#RoleModelUp is a hastag we use to denote the feeling of readiness to step up and create a bigger positive impact. When you are ready to Role Model Up, you're ready to do what it takes to be the effective and influential leader you were meant to be!

Thank you for your interest in joining The Role Model Way™ Emerging Leaders Society! In order to ensure that our participants are ready for this program, we ask that you answer a few questions before registering. 

The registration link will include the option to pay via credit card. 

Most other programs for youth development are led by nonprofits or government funded institutions like Universities. While these programs fill a need, they often provide shallow sugar-coated content due to the nature of where the funds are coming from. 

This society is privately held giving us the freedom to dive into topics as far as we need to. This gives the participants the opportunity to learn to engage and socialize with others more like they will find things to be in the real-world. 

Of course, we value and respect everyone's diverse background and will not tolerate racism or other bias, but we have to learn to have hard conversations. 

This is also for people who don't know what's next for them. There are lots of programs for entrepreneur development or manager training. This is a step above all of that, regardless of what you think you want to do in your late teens and early 20's, that thing is likely to change at some point. The skills you'll build here will help you navigate all of life's curve balls. 


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