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In just a few hours, you can become one of those rare calm, cool, and collected business owners who makes confident and savvy business decisions.

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The next Strategy Design Lab is happening October 12th, 13th, and 14th 2021

3:00 - 5:00 PM Eastern Time

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"How do you make daily business decisions?"

If your answer is any variation of "ummm", "I don't know", or "what do you mean?", you should sign up for this workshop right now.


This system we teach you works

100% of workshop participants responded this workshop was "PERFECT". Just the thing they needed to get in control of their operations.



This is NOT a one-size-fits-all approach

You'll learn a system whereby the size and scale of the solutions you implement meet your specific needs.


Includes 2 months Accountability Coaching

Unlike other workshops that leave you feeling ready to move mountains but then unable to make it work, we stick with you.

"I’ve found that I didn’t have the vision to take this business to the “next level”. This workshop provides the starting point and a guided path to move forward. I came away from the lab exhausted but invigorated and ready to tackle some of these tough issues. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to develop the strategy skills necessary to move your business forward."

- Small Business Owner, Tech Industry

Workshop Details

★ The past few weeks have been a great opportunity to see if you have a strategy that works! Meaning it's disruption-proof (to some extent), it helps you to make quality decisions quickly, it helps you to shift all the parts of your business in unison, and it helps all of your people move with you.

★ Socially and environmentally responsible business owners, entrepreneurs, executives who are "alone" in making strategic business decisions or who do not have a system in place for operating systematically.

★ Business today requires Strategic Operations. If you are still using a Strategic Plan, and thinking of it as a thing you do rather than a way to do business and make day to day decisions this workshop is just what you need.

★ We follow a step by step workbook that you will take with you for future reference. During the workshop we will go through each step in the strategic operations system. We create what you don't already have and fill gaps in places where you do have strategy intact.

★ This workshop can be delivered as a full day 5-hour workshop with an hour for lunch or in 3 2-hour sessions over 3 weeks. This workshop can be delivered virtually. 

★ Part 1 - Foundation Focus. We will identify existing gaps. 

★ Part 2 - Prioritization Focus. We will identify your strategic strengths and weaknesses.

★ Part 3 - Action Focus. We will set your most important initiatives up for success.

★ A workbook for future reference that follows the each step we'll cover in the workshop.

★ Invitation to 2-months of FREE participation in our Accountabilibuddies monthly group accountability meetings.

★ You will have a clear picture of what being in control of your business looks like.


★ You will have completed the starting point for stepping into Strategic Operations, a way to conduct business and make every day business decisions rather than just a means to create projects for the next time horizon.

★ You will have learned the system that includes a strategic time line and key steps to keep it going. 

★ You will have the option to join  the Accountabilibuddies group to ensure that you don't forget it all, it does take time to infuse this new system into your way of doing business.

Includes Step by Step Workbook

This 30 page guide walks you through the same steps you'll learn during the workshop so you can focus on participation and doing the work. Afterward, you can use this to repeat what you've learned and go through it again with your team.

"Laura’s knowledge and expertise shine during her time spent coaching & consulting. She is a thorough “outside the box" thinker who is always focused on your biggest asset- the end user! The Role Model Way™ brings excitement to my leadership role and motivates me to make a difference with my team"

- Operations Manager, Fortune 500 co.

Workshop Frequently Asked Questions

If the answer to your question isn't here contact us!

Because this system is scalable it it works for almost any business.

Every business, large and small, needs to be making business decisions using a strategic system. It doesn't matter what industry you are in this method is robust and flexible to meet your needs. We provide suggested solutions for every level of complexity and sophistication.

Nonprofit leaders - stop with the 5 year strategic plan already, you know it doesn't even keep up with your turnover.

This is great for entrepreneurs and growth Startups that are READY to SCALE UP!

This is not for lifestyle coaches or solo-preneurs who want to remain small or people who are stuck in traditional business thinking patterns.

The exact details depend on the needs of the host organization or the group that registers. Typically the workshop is either held as on 5 hour workshop with a 1-hour break for lunch or as 3 separate 2-hour sessions. 

We tailor this workshop to the needs of the participants. Usually delivering it as one full day or 3 2-hour sessions over 3 weeks. 

If you are a business owner we can deliver this workshop exclusively for your leadership/strategy team.

If you are an individual, we can either seek 2 - 4 others who are interested in taking the workshop with your by asking colleagues and/or approaching an organization you are involved with.

Just contact us and we'll determine what is best for you. 

The ENTIRE 3 session workshop is normally $299 per person. If you need this but are on a tight budget and are HIGHLY MOTIVATED we will work with you! Multiple payment plans and financing available - as well as group options. Just ask. 

We also partner with organizations who will host the workshop this usually allows members to attend for free or a reduced rate. Check with your industry and member organizations. Just send them this link.

It depends on how the workshop is being hosted, you may need to check with the host organization. 

Since this workshop is for a small group and depends on interaction from the participants, your cancellation can have a negative effect on the experience for the others. Typically, full refunds can be granted up to 72 hours of the event. After that, 50% can be returned. 

Because every tomorrow is another day spent stuck in the mud.

It's better to ask why not now? If you are conducting business without a strategy aka "strategic plan" you are losing time, energy, and resources from misalignments, gaps, and guesses. If you are operating using a "traditional" strategic plan your objectives are out of date before you put them to paper. Don't spend another day waiting for the wind to change directions, it's time to shift your sails!

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