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Our world is evolving fast. Like never before, the responsibility to impart positive change is not only with individuals but it is as much or more so with businesses. It's time to step up and be the leaders and businesses that will usher us into a new era. 

This program equips entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with the tools, skills, and knowledge to create the capacity and structure needed to effectively be the change. 



Proven content

This mixed content-type and long-duration program model has worked really well to help existing students make big change



Do as you go approach

These modules are meant to be immediately applicable and each contains a workbook and/or worksheets to go with the content


Group and 1-on-1 Coaching

Go it alone or choose an option with coaching to help you create goals and tactics and hold you accountable to the plans you create

"Impact leadership is the way of the future - live long and prosper!
The Role Model Way!™ can take you there."

What You Will Learn

What does it mean to be a Role Model? Think of the most successful people in the world and the businesses that they run, do you consider them Role Models? Is there a certain type that rises above?

Over the duration of this program you will:

  • Learn who Role Models in leadership are and why being a Role Model matters.
  • Learn best practices from the top performing leaders and business and how to apply them to your own unique situation.
  • You'll learn to get control of your time.  
  • Multiply your results as you learn to replace old habits with new systems and learning strategies to reach goals you never thought you could. 
  • Get the clarity around what you need to do and how to do it to ditch the overwhelm that  is stopping you from taking action. 
  • Enhance your personal leadership capability so that you can get more done and have more time to focus on the future. 
  • Become familiar with an advanced learning strategy to gain a competitive edge.
  • Begin to brew a recipe for improved culture. 

Who is this Best For?

The Role Model Way! is not the easy way, it's not the average way, but it is the proven way to the top. The Unlock Your Leadership Potential - The Role Model Way!™ is for anyone who wants to make a bigger impact and is great for individuals, teams, and business owners.

The Role Model Way!™ Advanced Leadership Academy is for you if:

  • You've just hired new up and coming leadership and you want to ensure they contribute to the future success of your organization.
  • You want to minimize the risk that comes with hiring new people who are under-prepared for leadership.
  • You are a business owner who understands the value and wants to be surrounded by capable people.
  • You are a startup and want to be prepared for the real business world when you're ready to launch.
  • You're a startup who's dedicated to responsibly managing the funds you've gratefully been (or will soon be) awarded.
  • You've just started a new management position and really want to play a key role in the success of your team. 
  • You've recently been promoted and you want to show everyone you were the right choice for the position.
  • *The Group coaching add-on is perfect for any team.
  • *The Personal coaching add-on is perfect for small business owner or individual who are ready to #rolemodelup!


" Laura’s knowledge and expertise shine during her time spent coaching & consulting. She is a thorough “outside the box’ thinker who is always focused on your biggest asset- the end user! The Role Model Way™ brings excitement to my leadership role and motivates me to make a difference with my team"

Operations Manager, Fortune 500 co.

Why now?

“Average” is no longer a viable business model. Businesses that used to get by on average products, average managers, even average to poor customer service are quickly being overtaken by competitors (think taxi service). In the new world we live in where reviews rule, options abound, and word of mouth happens in the click of a button, staying ahead of the curve is a must!

Affordability-wise, there will never be a better time. We’re starting the The Role Model Way!™ Advanced Leadership Academy as a pilot to ensure that when we’re ready to unleash it on the world, it’s been tried and tested.

What does this mean for you?

  •  High quality at low cost for all you early adopters out there.
  • A first-hand look at the content with the ability to shape the final delivery to positively impact the next round of students.
  • You get the competitive edge by diving into this progressive training with advanced concepts where older trainings are stuck on yesterday (when average was acceptable).


What makes this opportunity exceptional?

  • Leadership and strategy concepts are covered in every month’s installation.
  • This 12-month intensive and immersive program is not a one-and-done. You will have homework and put each month’s content into practice in a way that makes sense for your situation.
  • You have the option to go it alone or to add-on group or one-on-one coaching to really maximize the impact.
  • Your instructor is a no-nonsense get-it-done-effectively guru with the knowledge and experience you need and the personality you can trust.
  • Every new student gets sustainable merch!
  • Alumni are Role Model Leaders 4Life! Upon successful completion of the program, you will be invited to be the first round of mentors to future students. 
  • NOTE: The pilot offer and pricing ends December 31, 2019.

The Content

This is an immersive course, meaning there is a body of knowledge and work to be done. Modules consist of easy to digest video, workbooks and worksheets, and homework assignments to implement between monthly module releases. Every module contains a Leadership and Strategy Sessions to strengthen your ability to effectively turn the concepts into practice.

Welcome Module - Welcome!

Module 1 - Intro to The Role Model Way™ Organizational Learning and Leadership Development System

Module 2 - Wheel of Synergy™ Role Model Leaders

Module 3Foundation Calibration

Module 4Wheel of Synergy™ - Empower People

Module 5 - Wheel of Synergy™ - Delivering on the Customer Experience

Module 6 - Wheel of Synergy™ - Highly Standardized Operations

Module 7 - Wheel of Synergy™ - Business Intelligence Mastery

Module 8 - Key Drivers - Continuous Improvement & Prioritizing

Module 9 - Key Drivers - Systems Thinking & Culture

Module 10 - Key Drivers - Executing & Persistence

Module 11 - Create your Role Model Action Plan

Module 12 - Where to go From Here

See the full program details

Frequently Asked Questions

If the answer to your question isn't here contact us!

Developing skills and habits that create lasting change takes time. Many 1 off and individual training sessions have proven to be ineffective in the long run. Typically, a person retains only a small portion of what they heard or saw and then goes back to work without time to implement much of what they learned. 

By building on concepts one more at a time, and having assignments to do between modules, you will actually apply what you've learned.

The Role Model Way!™ Organizational Learning and Leadership Development System is based on core leadership concepts and best practices from Role Model businesses and leaders from all industries. The core concepts apply universally and are then applied in ways that make sense for your unique industry, business model, and values. 

This immersive program is being offered as a pilot only in its initial round. This is so that I can receive feedback and ensure that the tools provided are effective. Once the course materials and content have been validated by the first users, the course will be offered at regular price. 

I've never had any one request a refund for a service that I have provided and I don't expect that to start happening now. However, I understand your concern.

Another reason for offering this program as a pilot is that you lower the financial risk to yourself by paying a lower fee. That said, I do not want anyone to feel they have not spent their money wisely. 

You may apply for a refund and cancel participation in the program in the first 30 days of paying or at the end of the course, if you feel you did not get a benefit from it. You must show that you attempted to take in the content and do the work. 

The first module of the course contains all the welcome material including information about choosing your welcome item of choice! All the items are from an eco-friendly source and meant to be something you can use, not just put on a shelf or toss. 

You can also opt to donate your swag cost, and we'll be sure it gets to The World Wildlife Fund, our currently highlighted nonprofit.

#RoleModelUp is a hastag we use to denote the feeling of readiness to step up and create a bigger positive impact. When you are ready to Role Model Up, you're ready to do what it takes to be the effective and influential leader you were meant to be!

Got questions?

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" Laura’s knowledge and expertise shine during her time spent coaching & consulting. She is a thorough “outside the box’ thinker who is always focused on your biggest asset- the end user! The Role Model Way™ brings excitement to my leadership role and motivates me to make a difference with my team"

Operations Manager, Fortune 500 Co.

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