Ready to Take a Bigger Step into Marketing Your Art?

Let me help you turn scary and overwhelming into exciting and enjoyable! The Role Model Artist Business Success Academy and Coaching are designed with artists like you in mind. Whether your goal is to quit your day job and shift from hobby to business or if you just want to up your game, this series is for you! 

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Proven content

All of the courses in the series have been taught in-person and have been proven to help artists reach new heights



Do as you go approach

These courses are meant to be immediately applicable and each contains a workbook that accompanies the content


Customized Coaching

One on one coaching at

special artist discount pricing

A La Carte Courses

I just want to take a course, I don't want coaching.

Coming Soon!

Additional how-to courses

  • Online Sales Demystified
  • Pricing and Sales Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy for Artists
  • Leverage Your Sales with Storytelling
  • Business Cards Best Practices

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits vary and include things like: course discounts, one-on-one calls, exclusive articles, and more. 

This courses are not complicated, however, it does require that you have some computer knowledge, you can watch videos on your computer, you can understand the basics of logging in to your account with a password. 

If you don't have a basics of computers, you can check your local library for courses. 

For coaching you'll need to be able to access your email and call in to the call with mic and camera using Zoom. 

If you opted for an a la carte course and later decided you'd like to enroll in coaching let me know and I will switch programs. 

Got questions?

Send me an email and I will be happy to answer any questions you have about coaching or the courses.


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