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Do any of these describe you?

  • Terrified about the transition to adulthood
  • Afraid you're making all the wrong decisions
  • Feel like the only person of your peers who cares about the future
  • Frustrated with being treated like a kid, but expected to act like a grown up
  • Feel like you're ready to make meaningful contributions but no one's listening
  • Completely unsure how to hold onto who you are as expectations are set for you
  • Just want to make the most of your future

If you said yes to any of these, this young adult group coaching program is for you!


About Us

The Role Model Way Emerging Leaders Society is a group coaching program for young adults. Our Society is built on the Role Model Way™ ideology: Learning From role models, to Be role models, to Create role models. Get the knowledge and tools to positively change the world and do it your way!

"We've come too far to give up who we are. So let's raise the bar and our cups to the stars"

- Daft Punk

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"Hearing Laura talk, I truly felt the importance of following our own dreams instead of someone else’s"

USF Business Student Testimonial

Guest Speaker Line Up

Our speakers know all about Self-Leadership, Leading Your Way, and Taking Action from their various backgrounds and experiences. Interviews are conducted by our Role Model Ambassadors.

Dr. Christopher W. Blakely, EdD

Leadership Development

June 16, 2021 6PM @Schlxss on Instagram Live

Dr. Christopher Blakely currently serves as the Assistant Vice President for Campus Life and Dean of Students at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU). Prior to this role, Dr. Blakely served in the capacity of the Director of Multicultural and Leadership Development Center at FGCU. 

Capitalizing on his expansive experience in strategic planning, evaluation, assessment, and leadership development, in his role as Minority Retention Coordinator, Dr. Blakely coordinated academic initiatives and retention strategies to aide under-represented minority students improving retention and graduation rates.

Dr. Blakely recognizes that what counts in life is not the mere fact that we lived, it is what difference we have made in the lives of others. Given his wide variety of experiences, he is driven to improve students’ lives through motivation, inspiration, and excellence. 

Dr. Shernette Grant

Unorthodox Leadership

REPLAY on Instagram

Dr. Shernette Grant (Dr. G) is the Director of Innovative & Magnet Programs for Broward County Public School (BCPS).  A former school Principal, Dr. G, an American Medical Technologist (AMT) certified Medical Technologist considers herself an education transplant as she studied and worked as a Medical Laboratory Technologist prior to entering the field of education.

Her wide array of experiences has served her well as a leader in the most complex and diverse of settings and she has a proven track record of leading with effective out of the box, and unorthodox approaches that bring out the best in people.  She recently published her book titled “Unorthodox Leadership:  A Guide for Leading Real People in Real Organizations” which provides valuable insight on actionable strategies for leaders to utilize in their practice.

Her ability to bring out the best in people as a precursor to attaining organizational goals, is an attribute she is passionate about working to develop in all leaders.  It is as a result of this passion that Dr. G also founded Unorthodox Leadership Consulting to be a resource for providing training and coaching for leaders and teams with an emphasis on cultivating skills for leading REAL PEOPLE in REAL ORGANIZATIONS.  

Devin White, CFP®

Get right with Money

REPLAY on Instagram

As a Certified Financial Planner ™, Devin advises clients on a range of financial strategies, customized to their specific needs and objectives, specializing in variable annuities, investment strategies, insurance and retirement income.

A graduate of the University of Rochester, Devin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business, where he also played football. At Bishop Ludden High School, he played on the team that won the State Football Championship in 2007. Devin holds Series 7 and 63/65 securities licenses in addition to Life, Accident and Health insurance licenses.

 Very active in the Syracuse community, he  partners with a number of local non-profit organizations, offering his time and expertise to help increase financial awareness and literacy, in an effort to help reduce poverty and crime in the area.

Chef Keonna Yearwood

Personal Well-Being

REPLAY on Instagram

Keonna Yearwood is a personal chef who has worked tirelessly in the areas of nutrition, and food security. She believes it is imperative that people of color have the knowledge and skills to live happier healthier lives. She attended the world -famous culinary school Johnson & Wales University where she received two degrees. 

As Keonna grows in her influence in the fight for healthier communities, she shares her own experience battling obesity as a teenager, and what makes her want to keep fighting the good fight.  

In addition to her advocacy for food security, she is an entrepreneur. She owns Field to Fork, a meal preparation delivery service. The mission for the delivery service is based on her passion for healthy food, and her need to provide options to communities showing them that healthy food can be affordable. Her vision is “Well-Being for Everyone.”

Bryan "Bēvō" Voliton

Mindfulness & Creativity

REPLAY on Instagram

As a creative entrepreneur, my passion is helping other entrepreneurs succeed. 

I was born a visual artist and raised by an amazing teacher. This translated into a successful graphic design career, where I naturally took on a mentoring role with my peers. I enjoyed solving communication challenges for businesses and brands. And I loved helping other creatives find their stride.

While I excelled at partnering with businesses and brands, from local to global in scale, I was never meant to hang my hat in a corporate environment. I needed to determine my own creative path. And that meant learning the ins and outs of starting a business. As I established my company, I began to work with startup business owners who needed more than just a skilled marketer. 

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This Program is for THE ONES

We are The Ones,

who believe there is a better way.

We are The Ones,

who will do what it takes.

We are The Ones, 

who carry our own torch.

We are The Ones,

who will help other's light theirs.

We are The Ones,

you can Trust to be True.

We are The Ones,

you will turn to.

....We are The Ones.

About your Mentor/Instructor/Coach

As founder and lead coach, I promise to provide a safe space where young adults can practice adulting, contributing in a meaningful way, and find their voice.


I am just like you. When I was your age, I was so creative, so ready to do something fun, ready to make a difference, and then I hit the “read-world”; I was told I was too young, I was a woman I needed to find my place, I was told no over and over again.

Fortunately, I am stubborn and I kept moving forward and exploring options. It took a long time but I have found my place of self-direction, confidently walking my own path, chain-mailed against the nay-sayers and unbelievers. Looking back, I can see that I spent a long time chasing other people’s dreams. If you want to become an achiever and lead your own way, come walk with me and I will show you The Role Model Way™!

The Role Model Way™ is your key to freedom to lead and live on your terms. I've been to over 20 countries, 49 of 50 states, kissed the Blarney Stone, seen northern lights in Iceland, slept in castles, ridden horses on the beach in France, driven a 35 Ft motor home across the US, slept under the stars in a field of buffalo, and now I have been my own boss for 5 years, run 3 businesses and am launghing a 4th. 

If you want to learn to unlock your dreams, take-leaps, and life your life your way, join our group so I can show you how.

"Hearing Laura talk was a wake-up call for me, one that I will definitely be grateful for in the future."

USF Business Student Testimonial

Frequently Asked Questions

If the answer to your question isn't here contact us!

Our society is built on the Role Model Way™ ideology: Learning From role models, to Be role models, to Create role models. 

As individuals, The Role Model Way™ is a set of guiding principles that help us become better leaders, family members, and global citizens. 

For business, there is a framework for achieving excellence through role model business and leadership behavior. 

The Role Model Way™ Emerging Leaders Society prepares 16 - 24 year old's want to live a good life and do it their way. If you are a highly motivated student, recent grad, or young entrepreneur from any background who wants to make a positive impact in this world but isn't quite sure how you're going to do that, this program is for you! The recommended ages of participants is between 16 and 24.

This is an on-going membership program. Start and stop at any time. 

The Role Model Way™ Organizational Learning and Leadership Development System is based on core leadership concepts and best practices from Role Model businesses and leaders from all industries. The core concepts apply universally and are then applied in ways that make sense for your unique industry, business model, and values. 

I've never had any one request a refund for a service that I have provided and I don't expect that to start happening now. However, I understand your concern.

You may apply for a refund and cancel participation in the program in the first 7 days of the program start. To request a refund after that, you must show that you attempted to take in the content and do the work or prove extenuating circumstances. 

The first module of the online course contains all the welcome material including information about choosing your welcome item of choice! All the items are from an eco-friendly source and meant to be something you can use, not just put on a shelf or toss. 

You can also opt to donate your swag cost, and we'll be sure it gets to The World Wildlife Fund, our currently highlighted nonprofit.

#RoleModelUp is a hastag we use to denote the feeling of readiness to step up and create a bigger positive impact. When you are ready to Role Model Up, you're ready to do what it takes to be the effective and influential leader you were meant to be!

Thank you for your interest in joining The Role Model Way™ Emerging Leaders Society! In order to ensure that our participants are ready for this program, we ask that you answer a few questions before registering. 

The registration link will include the option to pay via credit card. 

Most other programs for youth development are led by nonprofits or government funded institutions like Universities. While these programs fill a need, they often provide shallow sugar-coated content due to the nature of where the funds are coming from. 

This society is privately held giving us the freedom to dive into topics as far as we need to. This gives the participants the opportunity to learn to engage and socialize with others more like they will find things to be in the real-world. 

Of course, we value and respect everyone's diverse background and will not tolerate racism or other bias, but we have to learn to have hard conversations. 

This is also for people who don't know what's next for them. There are lots of programs for entrepreneur development or manager training. This is a step above all of that, regardless of what you think you want to do in your late teens and early 20's, that thing is likely to change at some point. The skills you'll build here will help you navigate all of life's curve balls. 

  • Society Participation Guidelines
  • While we welcome people from all backgrounds, we do not welcome people from all intentions. If you’re intentions are pure of heart, you should be good. For those who maybe aren’t sure, here are the participation guidelines. 
  • No solicitation, recruiting or self-promotion.
  • No spam.
  • Be respectful and kind. Empathy should be used liberally here. 
  • Please keep your posts aligned with your learnings, takeaways and questions from The Role Model Way coaching and competencies list. 
  • We will not tolerate discrimination of any kind. As a privately held group, we reserve the right to cull the herd as needed. We’re also pretty confident we won’t need to do that very often if ever. You know how to be, just be it.

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